We strive to make each guest’s stay comfortable, restful, and beneficial and we make a point to welcome the family, as well.  We want everyone to enjoy the relaxed, nurturing atmosphere at Stagecoach Rehabilitation just as much as we do.  Take a look at the amenities that our guests enjoy:

  • Attractive, upscale furnishings
  • Western artwork
  • Attractive, quality linens
  • Personal laundry services
  • Roll-in Showers
  • Flat screen TVs with Cable
  • Free Wi-Fi and telephone service


Activities and entertainment give our rehabilitation guests busy with fun, engaging activities while they are here, and research has shown that staying busy has a strong, favorable impact on healing. Our friendly social programs team enjoys creating activities and events that match up with the needs and capabilities of each guest.

Some of the activities our rehab guests might enjoy:

  • Entertainment performances
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Fitness
  • Gardening
  • Field Trips/outings
  • Resident council meetings
  • Volunteer programs


Each guest at Stagecoach Rehabilitation is invited to meet with our dietitian to review their nutritional needs.  Our medical staff is included in this process.  Any specific dietary needs are conveyed to the kitchen staff to be sure the guest’s meals meet their doctor’s guidelines.

Stagecoach Rehabilitation dining features:

  • Three nutritious and delicious daily meals
  • On-site chef
  • Full salad bar at every meal
  • Pancake maker for perfect breakfast pancakes!
  • Separate dining area for short-term guests
  • Private dining room for family events
  • Snacks and beverages available 24-hours
  • Separate bistro in the Stagecoach Rehab wing
  • Therapeutic diets available include cardiac-health diet, diabetic-friendly diet, mechanical soft diet, pureed diet

Come See for Yourself

Our top-quality care creates results.  In fact, our discharge to home rate is above the national average.  And our beautiful, comfortable surroundings make guests feel right at home. Come see what makes Bridgeport Medical Lodge so special.