“I would like to thank the staff at Bridgeport Medical Lodge for letting my Dad, Rufus Martin, have a small garden outside his window!

My dad is 80 and aspirates each time he eats or drinks. We understand he is dying due to this condition, but we want him to be happy and enjoy what time we have!

The staff has graciously let him have a little pleasure going outside and watering these plants! Not everyone understands that for 80 years he has tended a garden and taken care of anyone who needed help if he could. This gives him back a little bit of that feeling. Dad wants about 20 more plants, but I told him these 6 were plenty for now!

Again, thanks to all the staff who help and care for him at the nursing home at Bridgeport Medical Lodge!!

Also, I love that he is wearing his shirt for Boonsville Balsora Fire Department. He was one of the founders and for many years the fire chief!! We love you dad!!”

Tina Love

“Jerry Autrey was a resident in the ALF but went home. He recently had surgery and came to Stagecoach to rehab. “I came to Stagecoach because everyone here is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and accommodating. The staff go out of their way to make you feel at home”

We are grateful for the compassionate care received at Stagecoach Rehabilitation and Medical Lodge of Bridgeport. The staff treats us as if we were family.”

L.B. McDonald, Patsy R. McDonald family

“I came to this facility in 2014 when I had a Triple Bypass. The staff was AND is very professional. The rehab program is very good and I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs rehab.”

Gregg ThackerExecutive Vice President, G&C Direct Mail Marketing, Inc